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Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) was the first healthcare sharing ministry founded in the United States and has been serving its members since 1981. Its longevity has lent it credibility and a reputation that few other HealthShares can claim.

Christian-first community

Christian Healthcare Ministries is founded on Christian values and requires members to adhere to its statements of beliefs, which covers topics on faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ, doctrinal disputes, and gender and sexuality. CHM members are therefore united in a commitment to help others that share their values and beliefs. CHM’s self-stated mission is to “glorify God, show Christian love, and experience God’s presence as Christians share each other’s medical bills.”

The language used to describe CHM’s HealthShare programs are all rooted in Christian doctrine. Members’ monthly program contributions are called “gifts” to emphasize the charitable nature of medical cost sharing and to promote bonds between members who share each other’s burdens.

CHM encourages members to see each other as family and promotes social media interaction between members. The ministry’s monthly publication, Heartfelt Magazine, also features a Prayer Page, a program wherein members with medical needs can request additional gifts for expenses that are not shared in their program—including expenses related to active pre-existing conditions. Readers of the magazine can see the names and conditions of their fellow members and share however much they desire in excess of their regular monthly gifts toward the Prayer Page, with the option of specifying recipients of these gifts. Members are also encouraged to pray for one another and send notes of encouragement to those in need.

Pre-existing conditions

Christian Healthcare Ministries has a notable approach to helping members with pre-existing conditions. Firstly, they make a distinction between active and maintained pre-existing conditions. An active condition is just what it sounds like: currently causing symptoms or requiring treatment. For an active pre-existing condition, no CHM member will receive sharing as a part of their base program.

Maintained pre-existing conditions involve medical issues such as high blood pressure, thyroid issues, asthma, diabetes, and so on. These are medical concerns that may no longer require testing or major treatment, instead they may be maintained through routine care like prescription medication. In these cases, members on the Gold program may share expenses related to maintained pre-existing conditions starting year one of their membership. The limit is $15,000 and reaches $50,000 by the third year of membership. By year four of a continuous membership, CHM will share in full, no longer labeling the condition “pre-existing.” Bronze and silver members can have some expenses related to their maintained pre-existing conditions shared through the prayer page program. Keep in mind, there is still a per incident lifetime limit of $125,000 for all program levels, unless members are part of the Brother’s Keeper program.

CHM only has a one year lookback period for pre-existing conditions. That means, most medical issues will no longer be considered pre-existing if the member has gone a full year without symptoms or treatment in the year before starting their membership. This is one of the shortest lookback periods of any HealthShare.


Here is some of the top information we believe potential members might want to know about this HealthShare.

Key considerations

  • Members must abstain from smoking
  • Sharing limit of $125,000 per condition (without Brother’s Keeper program)
  • Brother’s Keeper program increases sharing potential
  • Per year, per unit personal responsibility
  • Well-established; 40-plus years of operation

Membership requirements

  • Strict membership requirements
  • Live by biblical standards and attest to CHM’s statement of beliefs
  • Attend worship services regularly


  • No application fee or annual fees
  • BBB Accredited Charity
  • Telemedicine
  • Gold members can partially share in maintained pre-existing conditions in the first year of membership (up to $15,000)
  • Maintained pre-existing conditions are fully shareable after four years of continuous membership
  • Referral program offers a credit toward membership dues for each new CHM member (max 12/year)
  • Additional giving through Prayer Page
  • SeniorShare™ program for members over age 65


  • Lack of sharing options for preventive care
  • Sharing for many desirable features like maternity care, prescriptions, and urgent care are only available on the Gold plan
  • No maternity sharing for unwed mothers
  • Long reimbursement times
  • Reimbursement checks only sent through the mail (no online option)

Ideal candidates

  • Share the Christian values outlined in their statements of beliefs
  • Want to join a long-standing, reputable Christian HealthShare

Learn more about CHM by watching the video


 Page Updated 03.01.23

Religious Requirements Yes, strict
Need Processing Time 70-85 Days
Caps $125,000 per condition; up to $1,000,000 with Brother's Keeper program (Bronze and Silver programs); no sharing limit for Gold members with Brother's Keeper program
Personal Responsibility Gold: $1,000; Silver: $2,500; Bronze $5,000; SeniorShare $500
Pre-existing Limitations Gold plan, maintained only: 1st year up to $15,000; 2nd year up to $25,000; 3rd year up to $50,000; 4th year fully shareable
Pre-existing exception(s) Maintained conditions
Screening for Colonoscopy Yes
Need Processing Method Reimbursement; Member to member in Maryland
Telemedicine Yes
Startup Fee 0.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions Gold program: Incident-related only; Discounts available
Maternity Gold membership only; up to $125,000; $1,500 personal responsibility
Membership Size 425,000
Community Start Date 1981


HealthSharing Reviews 95 reviews
2.6 / 5
Google 170 reviews
3.8 / 5
Yelp 100 reviews
2.5 / 5
Better Business Bureau 18 reviews
3.5 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Christian Healthcare Ministries Options

SeniorShare™ Gold Silver Bronze
Annual Out of Pocket Max NA N/A N/A N/A
Shareable Cost Per Need 100% after 500* 100% after $1,000 up to max sharing limit 100% after $2,500 up to max sharing limit 100% after $5,000 up to max sharing limit
Max Sharing Per Need $125,000* $125,000 (unlimited sharing with Brother's Keeper program) $125,000 (up to $1,000,000 with Brother's Keeper program) $125,000 (up to $1,000,000 with Brother's Keeper program)
Extended Sharing Brother's Keeper & Prayer Page Brother's Keeper & Prayer Page Brother's Keeper & Prayer Page Brother's Keeper & Prayer Page
Doctor's Office Visits Incident-related Incident-related No No
Hospitalization Incident-related Incident-related Incident-related Incident-related
Emergency Care Incident-related Incident-related Incident-related (ER only, no urgent care) Incident-related (ER only, no Urgent Care)
Prescriptions Incident-related Incident-related; Discounts available Incident-related; Discounts available Incident-related; Discounts available
Maternity NA $125,000 after $1,500 per pregnancy personal responsibility amount No No
Note *Members eligible for Medicare must seek assistance from Medicare coverage first Unlimited per incident sharing available through Brother's Keeper program Additional $100,000 annually available through Brother's Keeper—up to $1 million per illness Additional $100,000 annually available through Brother's Keeper—up to $1 million per illness
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Units: A unit can be an adult, or all dependent children of an adult: One unit: 1 adult; Two units: 2 adults, 1 adult + children, or 2 children without adults; Three units: 2 adults + children.

Personal Responsibility amounts are per unit, per year.

Sharing Limit: Sharing limits are per illness, not per incident.

Extended Coverage: Brothers’ Keeper Program costs $22 per unit per month, plus a $40 annual fee.
For Bronze and Silver, shareable amount is increased by $100,000 per year of renewal up to $1 million maximum. For Gold, it is unlimited.

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