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Founded by entrepreneurs Phil and Angela Chrysler in 2020, Impact Health Sharing is a small, Christian-focused not-for-profit HealthShare headquartered in Davie, Florida. They stipulate that their members must agree with their statement of shared beliefs and meet their member requirements, but do they not cater to a specific denomination.

Membership and costs

The cost of monthly contributions depends on a member’s chosen Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA)—with options ranging from $2,500–$10,000—their age group, and the number of dependents participating under the same membership, and can be calculated here.

All memberships have a 10% co-share amount, which means members will pay 10% of eligible medical expenses up to the co-share maximum of $5,000 per household, per year, regardless of a member’s chosen PRA.

All Impact Health Sharing members have a share account, which is a virtual account where all funds deposited by members are received by America’s Christian Credit Union. The share account displays account balances, sharing transaction history, and other relevant information. According to their website, Impact’s members are provided full control over their share account and all sharing.


Members, or their providers, are required to pre-notify Impact Health Sharing for certain treatments to be eligible for sharing:

  • maternity services
  • cancer treatment
  • elective cardiac procedures
  • organ/tissue transplant services
  • inpatient/outpatient surgery
  • non-emergency hospitalization/facility admission
Provider fees

Once members receive service from a medical provider, they must pay provider fees based on the services rendered:

  • $0 for telemedicine (excluding mental health counseling)
  • $50 for primary care
  • $50 for each allergy test or serum injection
  • $75 for specialist, urgent care, or outpatient services
  • $150 for emergency room or inpatient hospitalization

Eligible medical expenses are shareable up to an annual sharing limit of $500,000 per member, per year, with the exception being maternity care, which is shareable up to a maximum of $150,000 per single pregnancy event. Sharing is limited to $50,000 in the first 60 days of membership.

Senior memberships and mental health

Impact Health Sharing offers memberships for members 65 and older with Medicare Parts A and B. Senior memberships have a lower $1k PRA and no provider fees or pre-existing condition limitations. Impact shares eligible medical expenses not covered by Medicare, but Medicare is the primary payor for any Senior memberships’ medical expenses.

All of Impact’s members can benefit from their eligible mental health treatments. Up to five outpatient mental health visits are eligible for sharing per member, per year. Outpatient mental health providers are considered specialists for the purpose of provider fees and are subject to the member’s PRA and co-share amount.


Here is some of the top information we believe potential members might want to know about this HealthShare.

Key considerations

  • Flexible Christian membership requirements
  • Recently established (2020), smaller membership (10,000)
  • Limited sharing for first 60 days of membership
  • Tobacco users accepted with additional fee
  • Members with a BMI of over 40 must pay additional fee

Membership requirements

  • Agree to Impact Health Sharing’s Statement of Shared Beliefs and Ethics


  • Outpatient mental health visits
  • Annual wellness visit and labwork
  • Senior memberships


  • High PRA amounts ($2.5k–$10k)
  • All memberships have a 10% co-share amount
  • Pre-notification required for certain treatments to be eligible

Ideal candidates

  • Want a digital member portal with an app
  • Are interested in mental health treatments or senior memberships

Learn more about Impact Health Sharing below


Page Updated: 04.26.23

Religious Requirements Christian
Need Processing Time TBD
Caps $500,000 annual sharing limit
Personal Responsibility $2,500–$10,000 PRA
Pre-existing Limitations Three year waiting period; fully shared after third year
Pre-existing exception(s) High blood pressure/high cholesterol
Wellness Visit One per year
Preventive Immunizations No
Screening for Mammogram Yes; subject to PRA and co-share
Screening for Colonoscopy Yes; subject to PRA and co-share
Mental Health Yes; Five outpatient therapy visits per member, per year (subject to $150 "specialist" provider fee)
Provider Network Open Network
Need Processing Method Share Account/Separate Bank Account
Telemedicine Yes
Startup Fee 79.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions Yes
Maternity Shareable up to $150,000 per single pregnancy event
Membership Size 10,000
Community Start Date 2020


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4.7 / 5
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Impact Health Sharing Options

Seniors (Individuals) Individuals & Families
Annual Out of Pocket Max $1,000 (maximum co-share of $5,000/year) $2,500–$10,000 PRA; +10% co-share; maximum of $7,500 - $15,000/year
Shareable Cost Per Need 100% after PRA and maximum co-share 100% after PRA
Max Sharing Per Need $500,000 $500,000 per member, per year
Extended Sharing NA NA
Doctor's Office Visits $50 provider fee for primary care; 5 visits per year for outpatient mental health provider visits $50 provider fee for primary care; 5 visits per year for outpatient mental health provider visits
Hospitalization Yes; $150 provider fee Yes; $150 provider fee
Emergency Care Yes; $150 provider fee Yes; $150 provider fee
Prescriptions Shareable up to $1,200 per member after PRA Shareable up to $1,200 per member after PRA
Maternity NA Shareable up to $150,000 per single pregnancy event
Note Couples must apply separately; Must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B individually Members eligible for maternity sharing after 12 months of membership
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