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Sedera, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has been serving its members since 2014. The company was founded by Dr. Tony Dale, and, while based on the HealthShare ministry model, has no religious requirement for membership. Instead, members commit to a healthy lifestyle, moral behavior, and certain ethical beliefs.

How does a Sedera membership work? 

Sedera does not have religious requirements for entry, and is instead focused on providing a medical cost sharing community centered around a set of core ethical beliefs that anyone is welcome to commit to.  

The cost of monthly contributions depends on a member’s chosen Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA), of which there are multiple options to choose from, the prices, and the prices for them can be found on Sedera’s website: the lower a member’s IUA, the higher their monthly contribution. 

Members are encouraged to contact Sedera for assistance with the needs process. Sedera member advisors assist members with submitting a need, and will advocate on their behalf to keep healthcare costs low for them and the HealthShare community. Funds for the community are transferred from members’ medical cost sharing bank accounts to their own bank accounts, and those funds are then used to pay for related medical expenses.

Sedera’s Expert Second Opinion (ESO) program rewards members who seek out a second opinion on any diagnosis or treatment plan related to non-emergency or elective surgeries by reducing their related IUA by $250. Conversely, any member who has non-emergency or elective surgery without utilizing the ESO program will have their sharing for that need capped at 50% of related medical costs.

Sedera and pre-existing conditions 

Sedera, like other HealthShares, is mainly designed to handle larger medical expenses, especially those that result from unexpected or unpredictable medical emergencies. While they do not initially share members’ pre-existing conditions in the first year of membership, depending on a member’s longevity they may share a portion, or even the totality, of related, eligible expenses. After 12 months, they will share a limited amount of medical expenses related to pre-existing conditions (initially $15k, and then $30k after 24 months), and after 37 months, those expenses will be completely shareable.

These numbers are a bit different for Team memberships. After one year of membership, a member enrolled with a team may initially share $25k, and then $50k after 24 months, and after 37 months there are no sharing restrictions.

For prospective members with long-term concerns about sharing expenses related to pre-existing conditions, this may be a key consideration.


Here is some of the top information we believe potential members might want to know about this HealthShare.

Key considerations

  • Sharing turnaround time between 14–60 days
  • Tobacco use allowed with additional monthly contribution*
  • Sedera member advisors assist members through non-emergency needs
  • Separate bank account required
  • Sharing unavailable in some states (Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington)

Membership requirements

  • Members must agree to the Ethical Beliefs and Principles set forth in the guidelines
  • Be under 65 years old for individual membership


  • No yearly or lifetime sharing cap
  • Maximum of 3 IUAs per calendar year
  • 5 flexible IUA levels
  • 90.1% of monthly contributions dedicated to member needs
  • Pre-existing conditions fully shareable after 37 months of uninterrupted membership
  • Expert Second Opinion program can reduce the IUA for elective and non-emergency surgeries
  • Excellent member reviews


  • Sharing reduction (50%) for not using the Expert Second Opinion program
  • No single need may consume more than 1/3 of the total number of shares available in a given month
  • Adoption expenses not shareable
  • Maternity IUA $5,000–$7,500 for individual memberships

Ideal candidates

  • Desire to join a HealthShare but do not meet the religious requirements of other sharing programs
  • Want a family membership with a legally married, domestic parents
  • Have a single parent household
  • Want an alternative healthcare strategy for a team

Get to know Sedera in the video below


Page Updated: 03.01.23

Religious Requirements None
Need Processing Time 14–60 days
Caps No maximum dollar amount
Personal Responsibility Per Need IUA: Choose from $500; $1,000; $1,500; $2,500; or $5,000
Pre-existing Limitations One year waiting period. Up to $15,000 in second year; $30,000 in third year; 100% shareable thereafter
Pre-existing exception(s) None
Wellness Visit None
Preventive Immunizations Pediatric Only; Annual Flu Shot for all ages
Screening for Mammogram Yes, 40+
Screening for Colonoscopy Yes, 45+
Mental Health Up to $750 per need (after IUA)
Provider Network None
Need Processing Method Cost Sharing Account
Telemedicine Teladoc Health™, $0 consultation
Startup Fee 30.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions Shared as part of eligible need or 120 days with new condition
Maternity 100% shareable after $5,000-$7,500 IUA
Membership Size 30,000
Community Start Date 2014


HealthShare Guide 2 reviews
1.5 / 5
HealthSharing Reviews 2 reviews
3.0 / 5
Google 96 reviews
4.7 / 5
Better Business Bureau 1 reviews
5.0 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Sedera Options

Access+ (For Individuals & Families) Select+ (For Groups)
Annual Out of Pocket Max 3x selected IUA (e.g. 3x $500 or 3x $2,500) 3x selected IUA (e.g. 3x $500 or 3x $2,500)
Shareable Cost Per Need 100% after IUA 100% after IUA
Max Sharing Per Need No limit No limit
Extended Sharing N/A N/A
Doctor's Office Visits Only related to shareable needs Only related to shareable needs
Hospitalization 100% after IUA 100% after IUA
Emergency Care 100% after IUA 100% after IUA
Prescriptions Shareable as part of a need, or for 120 days with new condition Shareable as part of a need, or for 120 days with new condition
Maternity Shareable after $5,000–$7,500 Maternity IUA Shareable after $5,000–$7,500 Maternity IUA
Note Annual Flu Vaccine for all ages Annual Flu Vaccine for all ages
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Limits on Tobacco Users: Sedera households with one or more tobacco users contribute an additional $75.00 per month.
*If the member who is a tobacco user is over the age of 50, then medical needs for that member are limited to $25,000 for each of the following four disease categories: Cancer, Heart conditions, COPD
and Stroke.

Maternity: Shareable after $5,000 maternity IUA ($7,500 IUA for planned C-section deliveries). Standard IUAs do not apply to maternity needs. For members enrolled with a Team, the maternity IUA is 2x the member’s selected IUA. For example, a member with a $1,500 IUA will have a $3,000 maternity IUA.

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  • ByCreated Jenny Jacobs (2023-09-03 07:18:08)

    I was a Zion Healthshare Member and thinking if switching to Sedera but was not impressed at all with their transparency. They claim 90% of the cost is put into a 501c3 but when I contacted them to as for the EIN number of the 501c3 and if the financials were provided to the members like they are many healthshares (not Zion though which is one of my problems with them as well). Instead of simply providing this information I got hostile emails from Bill Thomas asking more details about who I was, concerned I was a blogger or his competition. Over two weeks later, I have given up on this "transparent" healthshare. They think the should not be subject to any regulations of the traditional healthcare industry, dress themselves up as better, but share absolutely no information to help a potential customer truly understand the risks for what they are getting into. Seems pretty sketchy, start-up behavior for an organization that has been operating for a while now.

  • ByCreated Cole Butler (2023-08-15 14:19:55)

    We submitted our new baby to the portal within the 30 day window that we were instructed. This update is not auto-approved, though. It is delayed. This put us in a position where our baby was not approved in their 30 day window so they rejected all of her claims. They told us that we were supposed to call to have it approved sooner, but they never communicated that in their initial emails. My partner submitted the addition within 2 weeks of having the baby, but we did not get a confirmation email which we should have received from the system. Instead, we got an email several weeks later, on august 1st, saying that the changes made on august 2nd (???) would be approved august 3rd. However, I went through my partners browsering history and she was not on the Sedera account page on the 1st or the 2nd. This means that we did not get the email confirmation at the right time and were unable to have them change the time that our baby was added to fit in the 30 day window. They said they couldn’t accept our browsing history as proof, and we didn’t have any confirmation otherwise because the email was not sent when she completed the account change. I tried to test the email confirmation by adding a new account, and we got an email right away, but that did not happen the first time. I found it strange that the wording of the email confirmation was different the first time than the test time, but the rep I spoke to claimed that was due to a time discrepancy with a tech company they contract. This is not to mention that they are tirelessly picking apart every claim that we submit saying that we don’t have the right information. It feels like they are picking us apart over every dollar, and that we got screwed on a tech issue when we tried our best to follow the policy. There is no element of basic human decency or trust. I would not recommend this company at all.

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