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The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has been serving its members under Sedera Inc., a Delaware corporation. Sedera was founded by British physician Dr. Tony Dale, who became interested in the American healthcare system after receiving surgery in the United States. Dale based the model for Sedera on the religious HealthShare ministries that already existed within the United States, but Sedera has no specific religious requirements for membership. Instead, members must agree to certain ethical beliefs set forth in the Principles of Membership. Such principles include a commitment to moral behavior and a healthy lifestyle. Although members do not need to adhere to any religious standards, Sedera has similar sharing exclusions for needs relating to abortions and health issues due to alcohol and other drug use.

Sedera’s most unique feature is its system for allocating funds toward member needs. Fifteen percent of member contributions are allocated to “very large Needs,” those over $150,000. These funds are saved in the Excess Needs Account for future use. All other needs, however, are allocated on a monthly basis. This means that each month, member contributions are collected and redistributed toward the member needs for that month. If the needs for that month are greater than the contributions received, Sedera will prorate the amount that is shared. This means that members might not have their medical costs shared at 100% depending on the other needs that month. Sedera does note that when there are more contributions than needs in a given month, the excess money will be shared with members whose needs were not completely shared the month before. Sedera does not state how frequently proration months occur, but they do note that the board of directors may vote to increase monthly contributions if prorating occurs in three out of six consecutive months.

Sedera seems to be more involved than many HealthShares in the medical treatment of their members. Although Sedera values medical freedom and has no network requirements, they do require that members allow them to negotiate medical costs and may penalize members who do not consult with their member advisors or take part in their Second Expert Opinion program. However, these two features do seem helpful, and Sedera is more than willing to negotiate prices for its members, which is beneficial for those who are not comfortable negotiating medical costs themselves. As long as members are willing to work with Sedera before receiving non-emergency medical care and don’t mind heavy involvement through the process, most members should not have a problem with these regulations.

Membership Requirements:

  • Members must agree to the Ethical Beliefs and Principles set forth in the guidelines

Key Considerations:

  • Sharing unavailable in Washington, New York, Illinois, and Vermont
  • No sharing from injuries resulting from the use of illegal drugs or participation in unlawful activities
  • Depending on proration, needs may not be shared at 100%
  • Sharing turnaround time between 14-60 days
  • Tobacco use allowed with additional contributions
  • Maternity IUA $5,000-$7,500
  • Sedera Member Advisors assist members through non-emergency needs


  • No network requirements
  • Telemedicine available
  • Second Expert Opinion program can reduce the IUA for elective and non-emergency surgeries
  • Sharing for medical costs incurred outside the United States
  • No yearly or lifetime sharing cap
  • Maximum of 3 IUAs per calendar year (single members)
  • Maximum of 5 IUAs per calendar year (2 or more members)
  • 90.1% of monthly shares dedicated to assisting member needs


  • Penalties for not using the Expert Second Opinion program
  • No single need may consume more than 1/3 of the total number of shares available in a given month
  • Limits on certain types of medical care such as ADHD and alcohol/drug abuse treatment
  • Membership terminates at 65
  • No sharing for pre-existing conditions in the first twelve months; partial sharing afterward
  • No sharing for fertility
  • Separate bank account and fees required
  • Required to join with an association, company or other grouped billing

Ideal Candidates:

  • Desire to join a HealthShare but do not meet the religious requirements of other sharing programs
  • Do not participate in illegal or reckless activities
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products
  • Want a family membership with an unmarried domestic partner
Religious Requirements Any Faith
Need Processing Time 30-90 days
Caps Unlimited Sharing
Personal Responsibility Initial Unsharable Amount, Per Need/Incident. Choice of $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500 or $5,000
Pre-existing Limitations One year waiting period for pre-existing. Up to $15,000 in second year, $30,000 in third year and fully sharable thereafter
Pre-existing exception(s) None
Wellness Visit None
Preventive Immunizations Pediatric Only
Screening for Mammogram Yes
Screening for Colonoscopy Yes, conditional
Mental Health 3 hours of counseling/year
Provider Network None
Need Processing Method Reimbursement
Telemedicine Teladoc, $0 consultation
Startup Fee 30.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions None
Maternity 100% sharable after $5,000 IUA
Membership Size 20,000
Community Start Date 2014


0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Sedera Options

500 2500 $5,000 IUA
Annual Out of Pocket Max 3 x IUA for Individual 5 x IUA for Couple/Family 3 x IUA for All 3 x IUA for All
Shareable Cost Per Need 100% after IUA per need* IUA waived after 3-5 needs 100% after IUA per need* IUA $500 after 3rd need 100% after IUA per need* IUA $500 after 3rd need
Max Sharing Per Need
Extended Sharing N/A N/A N/A
Doctor's Office Visits Included in DPC Membership Included in DPC Membrshp Included in DPC Membrshp
Hospitalization 100% after IUA* IUA applies | Semi-private Rm IUA applies | Semi-private Rm
Emergency Care 100% after IUA* 100% after IUA* 100% after IUA*
Prescriptions For 120 days after incident Only for shareable condition Only for shareable condition
Maternity Shareable, IUA waived No fertility/infertility treatments Shareable, after 2x IUA No fertility/infertility treatment Shareable, after 2x IUA No fertility/infertility treatment

Limits on Tobacco users: $25,000 each for Cancer, Heart conditions, COPD, and Stroke (until confirmed tobacco free for 12 months) Sedera Households with one or more tobacco users contribute an additional $75.00 per month. If the Member who is a tobacco user is over the age
of 50, then Medical Needs for that Member are limited to $25,000 for each of the following four disease categories: Cancer, Heart conditions, COPD
and Stroke.
Maternity: shareable up to $5,000 normal or $7,500 C-section deliveries with IUA waived (IUA $500 for home births) for delivery date beyond first 12 months of membership
Sedera Health Access requires membership in an association to be eligible.  If Sedera Access is sponsored by a DPC practice, membership in the practice may be required.  The association or DPC may charge additional fees.

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