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Samaritan Ministries is a well-established HealthShare with over twenty-five years serving its members. This HealthShare is deeply rooted in the New Testament Church, but any Christian denomination is welcome (with a few exceptions). What makes this HealthShare unique is the member-to-member connection fostered by the sharing format. Members receive sharing assignments that allow them to know exactly who their share will go to, how much of their share will be assigned to that member’s need, and what need that fellow member is experiencing.

In addition to knowing who, how, and what, members can be confident that their dollars are spent in line with their moral convictions. Every member is required not only to attest to a handful of beliefs and commit to certain conduct guidelines, but also to complete an Accountability Verification where someone familiar with or responsible for their actions affirms that they meet the membership requirements. This is reconfirmed annually. In this and other ways, Samaritan Ministries bonds its members to one another.

Members are encouraged to care for each other both financially and spiritually through prayer and direct encouragement in the form of letters. Sharing information on the specifics of your need is not required, but it is encouraged so other members may pray in your behalf. With this in mind, it is clear that trust is a key component of participation in this ministry. Members must trust other members with their private information in order to receive the kind of specific support encouraged by the ministry. Obviously, if misuse or abuse of this trust is discovered, it is not tolerated by Samaritan Ministries.

Besides knowing which needs they are tending to, members are made aware of which portion of their shares—whether monthly or annually—is apportioned to administrative costs. Samaritan Ministries currently takes 18% of member contributions for administrative costs and has committed themselves to retaining no more than 20% of member shares for this purpose. This transparency of fund allocation is closely tied to the high level of member involvement expected from this member-led community. Member voting is expected on key issues like electing members of the board and determining share amounts. As a member with Samaritan Ministries, your opinion is welcome, and your support is encouraged.

Membership Requirements:

  • Attest to three major religious beliefs
  • Live strictly by Bible principles
  • Attend church three of four weeks a month

Key Considerations:

  • Christian denominations not qualified: Church of Scientology, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarianism
  • Legal action against fellow members not allowed
  • Marijuana and tobacco use not allowed


  • No network requirements—pick your provider
  • Therapy covered for specific conditions
  • Helpful sharing examples available
  • Informative website and program guides
  • Many specifics for the detail-oriented consumer
  • Members of the board are Samaritan members · Hospice care shareable
  • Medical tourism encouraged
  • Save-to-Share program
  • Special Prayer Requests for additional assistance
  • Sponsorship programs available


  • Max sharing amounts for Classic and Basic
  • No telemedicine
  • Long turn-around time for need sharing—2-3months
  • High startup fee—$200
  • No preventative or maintenance care
  • Non-physical therapy never shareable
  • One- to five-year wait for pre-existing conditions
  • No maternity sharing for single-person memberships
  • RX discounts most effective for costly prescriptions
  • No mental health resources
  • No discounts for wellness, vision, dental
  • Fertility not shareable (exception: embryo adoption)
  • Type1 Diabetes not shareable—unless diagnosed after membership begins

Ideal Candidates:

  • Are keenly interested in those they will share with
  • Want to be involved in organizational decision making
  • Have excellent health
Religious Requirements Faith in bible & Trinity with church attendance
Need Processing Time 60-90 days
Caps Classic $250,000 per need; Basic $236,500 per need; Given - Max co-share depends on selected membership level
Personal Responsibility Classic $400; Basic $1,500; Given 10 $1,000 & 10% co-share; Given 15 $1,500 & 15% co-share; Given 20 $2,000 & 20% co-share
Pre-existing Limitations 1-5 years symptom free; on-going share after 1 year
Pre-existing exception(s) Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Elevated Cholesterol
Wellness Visit No
Preventive Immunizations No
Screening for Mammogram No
Screening for Colonoscopy No
Mental Health No
Provider Network No Network Required
Need Processing Method Members send checks
Telemedicine None
Startup Fee 200.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions None
Maternity YES, All after $400 Classic or $1,000 given 10
Membership Size 80,000
Community Start Date 1994


HealthSharing Reviews 28 reviews
3.6 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Samaritan Ministries Options

Classic Basic
Annual Out of Pocket Max N/A N/A
Shareable Cost Per Need If > $300* Limited to 3 needs/year If > $1,500* Limited to 3 needs/year
Max Sharing Per Need
Extended Sharing Save to Share Save to Share
Doctor's Office Visits Need-based* Need-based*
Hospitalization Need-based* Need-based*
Emergency Care Need-based* Need-based*
Prescriptions For 120d after incident For 120d after incident
Maternity 250000 Couple or Family plans 5000 Couple or Family plans

Pre-existing conditions: shareable after 1 year without symptoms or treatment, or 5 years for genetic defects, hereditary diseases, cases of related cancers, or heart conditions
Sharing after IUA is 90% for Samaritan Basic, 100% for Samaritan Classic.
Expenses for Medical Equipment are shareable up to $4,950.
Maternity: Due date must be 260 days or more from membership start date; Individual Membership not eligible; Up to $5,000 until $13,500 has been spent, then max per plan

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