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Headquartered in Texas, OneShare Health LLC has operated for about two years and in that time has donated 1.7 million dollars to various charities nationwide and internationally. Like all healthcare sharing ministries, it is a registered nonprofit and partners with multiple organizations to ensure that any extra funds are given to good causes. OneShare Health was founded on Anabaptist principles and has less strict membership requirements than some other Christian HealthShares. A hopeful member must agree to love God and neighbor above all other things and demonstrate this by caring for others as they would themselves. There are no other religious requirements (in fact their website states that people must worship freely).

Members seem to love the prayer line. OneShare Health keeps a chaplain on staff and those in need of prayers can call to speak in person or submit a request online. The company also offers daily Bible study guides and devotionals. In addition to spiritual help, OneShare Health has a mental health hotline that offers crisis help and counseling sessions. Other resources include a Concierge Service that may be very helpful for the member who is worried about navigating health care cost sharing.

The First Health provider network used by OneShare Health does not contract with some of the larger hospitals in some states. If you live in an area where there are big players on the local health insurance scene, it would be wise to search to see what options you might have. The First Health website announced that they expect to work with Kaiser Permanente in 2021. This could really help add providers and facilities for members to go to in the future, but for now service could be limited.

Membership Requirements:

  • Must agree with core biblical principles
  • Must adhere to the principles in the “Statement of Belief”
  • Must be under 65 years of age

Key Considerations:

  • Your physical location may impact eligibility or availability of care
  • 90-day waiting period for most medical expenses
  • Lifetime max shareable amount: $1,000,000
  • Once lifetime sharing limit is met, membership is terminated
  • Memberships terminate when a member turns 65
  • Can visit out of network – but in-network participation means smaller costs
  • Members can smoke, but health issues related to smoking are not shareable
  • Up to 40% of membership costs may go towards administration, charitable causes, and general overhead


  • Mental health resources
  • Members say that employees are attentive and kind
  • The First Health Network has providers in every state and Puerto Rico
  • Need sharing turnaround time:14–21 days
  • No required confirmation of adherence to the guidelines
  • Telemedicine (100% shared consult fee; available 24/7)
  • Many available discounts (for example: vision, dental, hearing, diabetic supplies)
  • Routine maintenance for chronic conditions (such as Diabetes or Hypertension) is eligible for sharing
  • Eligible preventive expenses are not subject to the ISA and are shared at 100% up to the $1,000 maximum per member per year


  • Expensive
  • Not available in Pennsylvania, Washington, Maryland, and Vermont
  • Annual administration fee of $45
  • Hospice care is not eligible for sharing
  • 2-year waiting period for preexisting conditions
  • Max sharing limit for any cancer: $500,000
  • Must obtain pre-certification for most needs before submission
  • Maternity costs only eligible for sharing on Classic Crown or Complete
  • Conditions suffered as a result of military duty are not shareable
  • The most expensive plan appears to have similar benefits to traditional health insurance but may not be much cheaper

Ideal Candidates:

  • Are in excellent health and in a good position to help others
  • Are not expecting a pregnancy
  • Are not active members of the military
  • Would use the mental health resources provided
  • Appreciate the resources given for spiritual health
  • Live near plenty of providers that are contracted with the First Health network
  • Admire OneHealth Share’s charity work, accept their faith-based membership requirements, and want their healthcare costs to support worthy causes


Religious Requirements Core Biblical Principles
Need Processing Time 30-45 days
Caps $1,000,000 lifetime
Personal Responsibility Catastrophic only, Individual Sharing Amount (ISA) $5,000, $7,500,10,000
Pre-existing Limitations 24 Month Wait period
Pre-existing exception(s) None
Wellness Visit Yes, after 90 days
Preventive Immunizations Yes, after 90 days
Screening for Mammogram Yes, after 90 days
Screening for Colonoscopy Not sharable
Mental Health Yes, after 90 days (limitations)
Provider Network First Health
Need Processing Method Provider Direct
Telemedicine Dialcare, $ consultation
Startup Fee 125.00
Renewal Fee 45.00
Prescriptions Envision RX
Maternity Sharable only on Crown membership. Sharing limits up to $5,000 for a natural delivery, up to $8,000 for a c-section, and up to $50,000 if there are complications.
Membership Size 68,000
Community Start Date 2019


HealthSharing Reviews 88 reviews
3.7 / 5
Google 141 reviews
3.6 / 5
Yelp 63 reviews
2.5 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Not available in: MA,MD,VT,PA,WA

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