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OneShare Health, an Anabaptist-based HealthShare headquartered in Irving, Texas, launched nationally in September 2018, but has operated under different names since 2016. According to their website, they have shared over $180 million of members’ medical expenses so far, and nearly $50 million of that was from the last twelve months (from a total $92 million in member contributions in that time). They also contribute a small amount of their monthly contributions to charity, but do not disclose what percentage of monthly contributions are allocated for administrative costs.

OneShare has religious requirements for joining, and members must agree to their statement of beliefs. They also offer religious services to their members, like their prayer hotline, and post monthly videos featuring their on-staff chaplain.

No more network

In a welcome move, OneShare Health has decided to abandon the use of a provider network.

Previously, OneShare Health used the First Health provider network, and imposed penalties on its members for failing to visit in-network providers and facilities, including only sharing 50% of eligible medical expenses incurred out-of-network. Now, OneShare members have the freedom to choose their own provider without worrying about any out-of-network penalties.

Pre-certification and limited maternity

While OneShare’s move away from a provider network is a step toward greater flexibility for its members, it has other policies that complicate the sharing process. Regardless of their membership type, OneShare Health requires its members get certain medical treatments and services pre-certified for them to be eligible for sharing.

The following is a list of medical needs that require pre-certification in order to be eligible for sharing:

  • Inpatient hospital confinements
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Organ/tissue transplant services
  • Home healthcare services
  • Cancer treatment
  • Equivalent/alternative care, including chiropractic and manipulation therapy

Additionally, though OneShare offers four membership options, only one, the Classic Crown membership, offers maternity sharing, and limits sharing for maternity needs ($5,000 for “natural delivery”; $8,000 for C-Section; and $50,000 for complications).


Here is some of the top information we believe potential members might want to know about this HealthShare.

Key considerations

  • 90-day waiting period for most medical expenses
  • $1,000,000 lifetime sharing limit
  • Members are allowed to smoke tobacco, but health issues related to smoking are not shareable

Membership requirements

  • Agree with core biblical principles and adhere to their statement of beliefs
  • Must be under 65 years of age


  • Mental health resources
  • 14–21 day need processing time
  • Telemedicine (100% shared consult fee; available 24/7)
  • Discounts for vision, dental, and hearing


  • Annual administration fee of $45
  • Hospice care is not eligible for sharing
  • Must obtain pre-certification for most needs for them to be eligible for sharing
  • Maternity costs only eligible for sharing with Classic Crown membership

Ideal candidates

  • Are not pregnant and will not become pregnant within first 90 days of membership
  • Appreciate the resources provided for spiritual health

Learn more about OneShare Health by watching their video


Religious Requirements Christian
Need Processing Time 12-21 days
Caps Differs between memberships; $300,000/$500,000/$1,000,000 lifetime sharing limit; $150,000/$250,000/$500,000 sharing limit per need
Personal Responsibility ISA of $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000
Pre-existing Limitations 24-month waiting period
Wellness Visit Yes, after 90 days
Preventive Immunizations Yes, after 90 days
Screening for Mammogram Yes, after 90 days
Mental Health Yes; behavioral health/membership assistance program
Need Processing Method Provider Direct
Telemedicine Yes
Startup Fee 125.00
Renewal Fee 45.00
Prescriptions Elixir and Clever Health
Maternity Only eligible for Crown memberships; limits of $5k for "natural birth"; $8k for C-Section; $50,000 for complications
Membership Size 68,000
Community Start Date 2018


HealthSharing Reviews 139 reviews
3.1 / 5
Google 372 reviews
3.8 / 5
Yelp 6 reviews
1.5 / 5
Better Business Bureau 36 reviews
1.4 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

OneShare Health Options

Classic Crown Classic Enhanced Classic Basic Catastrophic
Annual Out of Pocket Max No Max No Max No Max No Max
Shareable Cost Per Need 60% 60% 60% 60%
Max Sharing Per Need $500K $250K $150K $150K-$500K
Extended Sharing No No No No
Doctor's Office Visits $20 Visit Fee; 5/yr $20 Visit Fee; 3/yr $20 Visit Fee; 1/yr Not Eligible
Hospitalization After ISA After ISA After ISA After ISA
Emergency Care $300 Visit Fee $500 Visit Fee $500 Visit Fee $300 Visit Fee
Prescriptions Discounts Available Discounts Available Discounts Available Discounts Available
Maternity After ISA Not Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible
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