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Created as a response to the religiously exclusive nature of many health cost sharing ministries, Zion HealthShare, based out of St. George, Utah, is a top-rated HealthShare with no religious requirements for membership. Since starting in 2019, Zion HealthShare has accrued over 45,000 members, with 13,000 members from 2021-2022 alone.

How does a Zion HealthShare membership work?

Zion HealthShare does not require members to declare any particular religious beliefs. Members must attest to their principles of membership and abide by the rules laid out in their guidelines in order to join the medical cost sharing community.

Zion HealthShare benefits from a straightforward program structure. Members’ monthly contribution amount is determined by their age group, initial unshareable amount (IUA), and how many members of the household are taking part in the membership. Although the IUA is applied per need, members never pay more than three IUAs in a rolling twelve-month period. All expenses related to a specific need remain fully shareable until that member has been symptom-free for at least twelve months. If you experience more than three needs in a twelve-month period, Zion shares any eligible bills over $500.

Zion HealthShare membership types

Zion HealthShare has two primary membership types: Direct and Essential. Direct is available to those who join through their website, rather than through their employer.

Essential memberships are designed for larger groups, like an organization providing benefits for its employees, and have lower monthly contribution amounts than Direct memberships. As a trade-off, some additional features included with Direct membership are instead available as optional add-ons for Essential memberships. Essential memberships are also available to those who subscribe to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider, so they can combine the benefits of DPC membership with the benefits of HealthShare membership.

What about common health concerns?

Zion HealthShare is mainly designed to assist members with unexpected or unpredictable medical bills; however, their program is also built to address common health concerns and pre-existing medical conditions. Direct memberships include an annual wellness visit that is immediately shareable, and Essential members may purchase preventive sharing as an add-on to their membership.

For pre-existing conditions, members must wait one year before sharing any related medical costs. After that, the eligible amount for pre-existing conditions increases each subsequent year. For instance, in the second year of membership members may share up to $25,000 in the second year, $50,000 during the third, and $125,000 from the fourth year on.


Here is some of the top information we believe potential members might want to know about this HealthShare.

Key considerations

  • Members of all faiths accepted
  • Quick need turn-around time
  • Tobacco users accepted with additional fee
  • Initial waiting period for some sharing

Membership requirements

  • Agree to the Zion HealthShare Principles of Membership
  • Be under age 65


  • Telemedicine (Teladoc Health)
  • Mental health resources (LifeWorks)
  • Annual wellness visit available immediately for Direct memberships
  • No annual or lifetime sharing limits
  • At least 90% of contributions used for member sharing
  • Maternity sharing for single or unwed mothers
  • Maternity need shared like any other need
  • Additional Giving Program
  • Some alternative health treatments shareable
  • Prescription discount program
  • IUA discounts may be available for pre-arranged surgeries
  • Access to Healthcare Bluebook
  • End-of-life assistance for members and dependents
  • Colonoscopy, mammogram shareable after 6 months of membership
  • Mammogram shareable yearly, starting at age 40
  • Youth immunizations (up to age 16) shareable after 6 months of membership


  • Adoption expenses not shareable
  • Young company

Ideal candidates

  • Want a simplified HealthShare experience
  • Want a HealthShare with secular membership requirements

Watch the Zion HealthShare introduction video


Page Updated 08.15.23

Website zionhealthshare.org
Religious Requirements None
Need Processing Time 3-5 Days
Caps None
Personal Responsibility Per Need IUA: Choice of $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000
Pre-existing Limitations One year waiting period for pre-existing. Up to $25,000 in second year; $50,000 in third year; $125,000 thereafter
Pre-existing exception(s) High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes (controlled)
Wellness Visit Yes, immediately available
Preventive Immunizations Yes, 6 month waiting period
Screening for Mammogram Yes, 6 month waiting period
Screening for Colonoscopy Yes, 6 month waiting period
Mental Health Yes, optional membership with LifeWorks
Provider Network No, pick your provider
Need Processing Method Pay provider direct, reimbursement via ACH or check
Telemedicine Teladoc Health™, $0 consultation
Startup Fee 0.00
Renewal Fee 0.00
Prescriptions Rx Share for generics $5/$15, discounts for all others
Maternity Yes; homebirth discounts, will pre-pay
Membership Size 45,000
Community Start Date 2019


HealthShare Guide 78 reviews
4.9 / 5
HealthSharing Reviews 245 reviews
4.8 / 5
Google 365 reviews
4.6 / 5
Better Business Bureau 9 reviews
2.8 / 5
0 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Zion HealthShare Options

Direct Essential
Annual Out of Pocket Max 3 x IUA per Household 3 x IUA per Household
Shareable Cost Per Need 100% after IUA 100% after IUA
Max Sharing Per Need Unlimited Unlimited
Extended Sharing Additional Giving Program Additional Giving Program
Doctor's Office Visits 1 Annual Provider Visit Shared as part of need; Preventive Add On Available
Hospitalization 100% shared after IUA 100% shared after IUA
Emergency Care 100% shared after IUA 100% shared after IUA
Prescriptions Rx Share $5/$15, Discount on others Add On Available
Maternity 100% shared after IUA, will pre-pay 100% shared after IUA, will pre-pay
Note Primary Membership Type Base membership with optional features; For teams or DPC members
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Pre-existing conditions: Shareable in 1st year if considered cured, symptom- and treatment-free within prior 24 month period. Otherwise, pre-existing conditions are shared at $25,000 starting in the second year of membership, $50,000 in the third year, and $125,000 in the fourth year and beyond.

Exemptions from Pre-existing conditions limitations: Hypertension, Cholesterol, and Diabetes.

End of Life Assistance: After 1 year of uninterrupted membership, $10,000 primary member or spouse, $2,500 dependent child.

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  • ByCreated Brett J (2023-09-25 11:30:53)

    Enrolling took less than five minutes to complete it was very easy!

  • ByCreated David M (2023-09-25 10:47:06)

    The share request process has been fairly easy with Zion HealthShare, but it can be hard to get my provider to share the information I am requesting.

  • ByCreated Emily O (2023-09-25 10:22:10)

    This is a little different than regular insurance but I am so impressed with the customer service they answer my questions so fast and are so friendly. We have five kids including one with special needs and we always have something coming up so its been awesome working with Zion HealthShare!

  • ByCreated Mercedes C (2023-09-25 09:53:00)

    Enrolling was easy and my orientation call was so informative with great customer service.

  • ByCreated Michael M (2023-09-25 09:23:46)

    It was relatively easy to submit my share request in the portal. The process has been smooth.

  • ByCreated Leslie B (2023-09-25 08:15:10)

    Submitting a share request is easy, it does require some work on your part as a member to get the required documents from your provider and get them to Zion HealthShare.

  • ByCreated Andy M (2023-09-25 07:49:34)

    Submitting a share request for the annual well child check was simple and the reimbursement arrived quickly.

  • ByCreated Kylee W (2023-09-25 07:18:02)

    Price is affordable for our family. The customer service has been available anytime we have had questions. The member guidelines are clear and helpful.

  • ByCreated Tate L (2023-09-22 14:21:41)

    I have been very satisfied with the customer service with Zion HealthShare and have been very appreciative of their professionalism.

  • ByCreated Sandy T (2023-09-22 14:06:18)

    Just enrolled it was a super easy process they even call you personally after you have enrolled and make sure you understand everything!

  • ByCreated Travis B (2023-09-22 12:34:40)

    Zion HealthShare is above and beyond the best Health care service that I have ever seen. The customer service is phenomenal and so easy to work with.

  • ByCreated Noah V (2023-09-22 12:22:37)

    The call went very smoothly, my questions were answered very clearly. The rep was very helpful.

  • ByCreated Angela H (2023-09-22 11:34:22)

    Excellent Customer Service!

  • ByCreated Theresa S (2023-09-22 11:22:14)

    Enrolling is very very easy almost amazingly easy. They even called me to do an Orientation call to make sure I understand everything. I'm looking forward to working with Zion HealthShare.

  • ByCreated Kevin K (2023-09-22 10:05:37)

    Utilizing Zion HealthShare is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, and the reps are very helpful.

  • ByCreated Maria D (2023-09-22 09:34:34)

    Zion HealthShare is amazing I'm super grateful for the customer service I always receive everyone is so kind and helpful. I have a maternity need request and they have been so great with everything. I recommend Zion HealthShare to everyone meet.

  • ByCreated Peter S (2023-09-22 09:03:29)

    My experience with the service has been fine I've had no issues reaching or getting answers.

  • ByCreated Claire R (2023-09-22 07:39:58)

    We switched to Zion in May and the response times have been amazing, the coverage and customer service have been great!

  • ByCreated Michelle D. (2023-09-21 15:31:24)

    I have been so pleased how kind and helpful everyone has been. When I send in a question I get a response so fast and I just really appreciate Zion HealthShare.

  • ByCreated Gina T (2023-09-21 13:58:28)

    I've been really pleased with how friendly and helpful the staff is whenever you call with a question. They have great customer service very easy with and very transparent.

  • ByCreated Katherine M (2023-09-21 13:10:02)

    Chris was very polite and answered all of my questions and made sure that I had the information that I needed before concluding the call. It was a very pleasant experience!

  • ByCreated Kathryn K (2023-09-21 12:37:51)

    We have only been with Zion for a year or so and I am very impressed with the customer service and how fat they answer the phone and always so friendly and helpful. Zion is so fast getting me reimbursed they helped me with my maternity request and even sent me flowers after my baby was born. We are so happy with them.

  • ByCreated Samuel A (2023-09-21 11:56:53)

    Zion was able to help me with my first share request. They were so fast and pleasant to work with thus far.

  • ByCreated Lindsey P (2023-09-21 11:42:19)

    Zion HealthShare helped me with my maternity and they were so fast and helpful!

  • ByCreated Orlando G (2023-09-21 11:20:01)

    I think Rebecca was great she exceeded my expectations and solved my problem!

  • ByCreated Bryan D (2023-09-21 08:39:27)

    It was nice, fast, and easy to use!

  • ByCreated Val P. (2023-09-18 14:18:33)

    Excellent as always thanks to Rebecca!

  • ByCreated Jay H. (2023-09-15 13:23:42)

    Rebecca assisted me with an issue getting a prescription filled I appreciate the great service!

  • ByCreated Rhiannon H (2023-09-15 08:06:50)

    Everyone that I have talked to has been helpful and kind!

  • ByCreated Nicolette R (2023-09-13 13:01:31)

    Chris has been extremely helpful in answering all of questions, and solving my problem today!

  • ByCreated Emma M (2023-09-13 10:21:39)

    The rep I spoke to was very pleasant and helpful!

  • ByCreated Cynthia M (2023-09-13 08:18:50)

    I appreciate everybody's help with questions in this being new to me. I have had a great experience with Zion HealthShare, this has been much easier than I thought it would be.

  • ByCreated Mike P (2023-09-12 15:25:05)

    Customer service ranks extremely high! It has been very nice to speak with representatives that go the extra mile and are clear and easy to understand.

  • ByCreated Kimberly Ferguson (2023-09-12 15:19:45)

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed speaking with Rebecca today- she was an absolute delight and answered my many questions with knowledge, humor and grace! Also VERY much appreciate Cameron and Kimber on the medical advocacy team!! Have had multiple experiences with them both and enjoy them so much!

    Thanks again for your services!

  • ByCreated Sadie L (2023-09-12 14:38:39)

    Every time I have called, Zion HealthShare has been very helpful, and very easy to work with. I have told many of my friends about Zion HealthShare!

  • ByCreated Kimberly H (2023-09-12 11:14:11)

    I was having trouble getting into my portal online and had to call. I was immediately greeted with friendly and professional service to fix the problem. My husband lost his job during the 2020 lockdown and with it, all of our health benefits. We did an abundance of research regarding health sharing companies and found multiple rave reviews for ZionHealth. Even though a family member worked for another popular health sharing company, we went with Zion and have never looked back. We have been completely satisfied with all the service we have gotten and have no complaints. We also constantly recommend them to friends and acquaintances. Our membership has given us peace of mind as we get closer to retirement age.

  • ByCreated James D (2023-09-12 09:56:22)

    The representative I spoke with had such a clear speaking voice and was very helpful. I have always been made to feel good to be a Zion HealthShare member.

  • ByCreated Gary H (2023-09-12 08:20:28)

    One word, exceptional.

  • ByCreated Branalyn D (2023-09-11 15:37:19)

    I was injured in January, to my surprise it was an injury that needed Physical Therapy and Imaging to heal. While this has been a long healing process, Zion HealthShare has made it as painless as possible and has been wonderful to work with.

  • ByCreated Jayna G (2023-09-11 14:51:58)

    The service that I have received from Zion HealthShare, has been personable, and clear, and I have been very appreciative of how clear and helpful they have been. Thank you Zion HealthShare.

  • ByCreated Jami H (2023-09-11 13:14:18)

    The orientation call was very smooth, my representative was very helpful. I was very satisfied.

  • ByCreated Patrice W (2023-09-11 12:31:04)

    Everyone at Zion HealthShare is so helpful, and understanding. They are so friendly and happy every time I call.

  • ByCreated Stephanie L (2023-09-08 14:31:19)

    Zion HealthShare is always quick to respond, the customer service agents have been friendly and helpful! They are very quick with reimbursement and have been wonderful to work with.

  • ByCreated Margaret G (2023-08-23 08:56:50)

    The person who took my call was extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

  • ByCreated Gerald R (2023-08-21 13:52:57)

    Awesome experience! Great help! Quick and friendly!

  • ByCreated Anthony K (2023-08-16 11:15:09)

    We have been so happy with Zion and we're very impressed with their competent and helpful customer service. When we were first signing up with Zion, they almost seemed too good to be true. But they've exceeded our expectations and have been such a blessing for our family. We are recommending them to all our family and friends!

  • ByCreated Missy V. (2023-04-26 09:17:35)

    Zion HealthShare is the best!

  • ByCreated Colette C. (2023-04-26 09:10:04)

    Zion HealthShare has been here for me since day 1. I joined and within a few weeks had an accident and they have been so helpful and made everything so easy. I am so grateful to them!

  • ByCreated Thomas H. (2023-04-07 15:43:20)

    I have been a member for 3 years now and every interaction I have had with Zion HealthShare has been so pleasant. Everyone is always so nice and happy to be speaking to me and I would absolutely recommend Zion HealthShare to anyone.

  • ByCreated Lisa Berman (2023-01-24 17:14:25)

    I've been a member for a couple of months and haven't used Zion Health yet. My son wasn't feeling well and I was trying to access Teladoc. Amanda was wonderful and very pleasant to talk to! She answered all my questions and wished my son well.

  • ByCreated Ashley P (2023-01-19 13:36:11)

    Absolutely seamless and a painless process. So
    Thankful and blessed for y’all. Keep up the
    Good work!!

  • ByCreated Michaela P (2023-01-19 10:00:55)

    I had the PLEASURE of speaking with Tee about 2 weeks ago. He was SO thorough with all my questions and a really excellent help. If you give Zion a call ask for Tee. I was amazed at how he was able to cover everything with such dexterity.

  • ByCreated Chere COnner (2022-12-22 15:40:38)

    I have been using Zion HealthShare for the last several years and it has been a wonderful service! Exceptional customer service - they actually answer the phones and emails! I love that they do not discriminate due to religious beliefs like some of the other sharing networks. They have been wonderful to work with and I am only leaving because I now have a job that offers insurance.

  • ByCreated Tiffany R. (2022-10-14 09:31:17)

    My maternity experience was amazing!! Jaden made everything super easy, even with me changing providers 3 times trying to figure out where I was comfortable. I tell everyone about Zion and how easy Jaden made my maternity care. He was truly a pleasure to work with. Even my midwives and ultrasound tech (2 separate entities) both told me that Zion is the easiest health sharing groups they’ve ever worked with on their end… so that was cool to hear!

  • ByCreated Mark Ciociola (2022-07-21 08:17:11)

    I have had an extremely positive experience with Zion thus far in the year I have been a member. When my daughter needed tubes in her ears, the whole process was extremely smooth. All the communication was quick and efficient. They handled all of the communication with the hospital and doctors prior to the procedure and took care of the payment so there were no surprises. Zion is the second healthshare I have been a part of and I have to say they are way more efficient and easy to work with than my previous one. I would recommend.

  • ByCreated Christopher Spada (2022-06-22 14:05:59)

    I made a mistake and thought when I purchased healthcare, ZION Health was the typical "for profit health provider". I was wrong. ZION Health is a NON-Profit Healthcare Share Provider. This is one mistake I was happy that I made. I had a ruptured L4 & L5. I could not move. I made it to the ER and they charged $20,000.00 for an anti-inflammatory and a CAT Scan. What a rip-off from my prospective. Then referred me to a two surgent who wanted to operation at a cost of $130,000.00 to $160,000.00. I found two doctors that practice non-surgical procedures. The typical "For Profit Healthcare" would have paid $130,000.00 to $160,000.00 for surgery, but not the $14,000.00 for the treatment I choose to have. ZION Health did pay the $14,000.00 and is paying for the non-surgery therapy. I am back to playing tennis, and living a healthy life. ZION Health never questioned the therapy or the invoices, and reimbursed me my out of pocket expenses quickly without question. I am recommending ZION Health to everyone. As I do with using Credit Unions for banking. for they too are non-profit.

  • ByCreated Dedra (2022-05-20 16:35:53)

    Zion Health has been affordable and easy to work with. Any time I had a doctor's appointment it was easy to get it taken care of. Joining Zion Health was a good experience!

  • ByCreated Ann C. (2022-05-06 12:02:30)

    Zion Health has been great at answering questions in a quick manner. The medical needs process is also easy to understand when planning for medical treatments.

  • ByCreated Jared S. (2022-05-02 08:30:46)

    We weren't with Zion Health for very long, so we didn't use many of the services, but I appreciate how easy it was to get signed up. The website content was clear, and there was easy onboarding and easy offboarding.

  • ByCreated Megan Brown (2022-05-02 08:13:08)

    Thankfully my family has been healthy so we haven't had to use many services from the Zion Health community, but we always experience excellent customer service whenever we have questions. Our calls are always answered right away. We are very happy so far!

  • ByCreated Allison Lind (2022-04-29 08:58:01)

    Very attentive and very responsive to our needs, we enjoyed our time with Zion Health and would recommend Zion to our friends and family

  • ByCreated Donald (2022-04-13 16:51:26)

    I had a great experience with Zion Health, I knew I was covered and that I didn't have to worry. Member Care is great they were very helpful, I am leaving because my new job provided me with tradition health insurance, but I would recommend Zion Health to my family and friends.

  • ByCreated Diane Kristensen (2022-04-13 14:01:02)

    I had been with another Health Sharing group for many years but changed to Zion Health. Zion is able to service their customers and pay claims promptly, and meet our health needs. Customer service is responsive and direct. Zion had the most consistent ratings and the price was good, and they dont have annual or lifetime caps.

  • ByCreated Tyson Hare (2021-12-28 18:08:51)

    Claim process very confusing with Intermountian Health Care as provider. Mostly on the part of intermountain health care not wanting to work with zions health. But there was not a lot of information on how to get reimbursed. Had to cover 15,000 dollar bill out of pocket before zions would reimburse because intermountain wouldn't give discount for self pay of using health share. Zions also didn't cover a bill after our minimum was met. Even though we turned the bill in for reimbursement because they claimed it wasn't itemized. I received everything the hospital would give us and sent it in and zions still would not cover it even though the bill from the hospital said itemized bill. Intermountain and this health share did not work together at all. Also Zions made me pay an extra month upon canceling even though I canceled before the end of the next month.

  • ByCreated Jose Soto (2021-11-24 16:15:53)

    Very Impressed how Zion Health is instead of Reactive!

  • ByCreated KimBBB (2021-11-03 18:23:10)

    We have been members of Runner for a couple of years now. We have easily saved over 20k as a family during that time versus what we were paying for a high deductible health insurance plan. We have had to use it for 1 emergency and only paid $1,000 out of our own pocket. That would have been so much more if we had our old health insurance plan. We are so grateful for all the money we have been able to save and not put into the pockets of insurance companies.

  • ByCreated Bethany Y (2021-08-17 00:25:02)

    I just signed up Zion health shared plan. I am very thankful to Infinity taking her time to explain all the questions I had before signing up. I am very happy with what Zion health plan can provide and very happy they have a great customer service. Thank you Infinity!

  • ByCreated Sandy Noll (2021-07-08 23:17:19)

    They've been awesome to work with! I'd highly recommend all to give them a try.

  • ByCreated Ivaleen U. (2021-06-11 16:13:39)

    My experience with Zion's Member Services has been awesome!! I was fortunate to work with Laura, then Mindy and Katrina. You were all very professional, courteous and quick to respond to my questions and concerns. Very great customer service!! Thank you very much!!

  • ByCreated Christie L (2021-06-03 18:43:41)

    Our family is so pleased that we switched from Blue Shield to Zion Health!! The most wonderful aspect of being a part of this community is the fact that you actually feel like you are a real person, and not just a number. Each Zion representative that I've spoken with has been caring, kind, patient, and very helpful! They are very efficient, and have helped resolve several reimbursement claims. I highly recommend this Health Share!!

  • ByCreated Tom B. (2021-05-28 16:45:54)

    Just signed up with Zion. After doing my research they seem to be the best fit. Nationwide coverage as well as coverage outside the USA. Unlimited benefits were also a contributing factor. I was even in the area where they’re from Saint George Utah so I dropped by their office and everyone was very accommodating and helpful. My hope is I never have to have any claims and that I just pay my monthly amount and we’re both happy :-)

  • ByCreated Brian Woodward (2021-05-25 23:31:28)

    It was great! Friendly, helpful. Explained how things should work. Stay Awesome! REALLY looking forward to the patient portal.

  • ByCreated C K (2021-05-20 19:55:37)

    They are a pleasure to deal with! Helpful and knowledgeable!

  • ByCreated Chelsea Turner (2021-05-19 21:29:35)

    Having Zion Health by my side through my pregnancy and emergency c-section has been wonderful. The maternity office called often to check in on me and the baby after she was born, and they made things very easy when uploading bills and paying statements. I have saved so much money versus having a traditional insurance plan, and even though I was a little nervous to try this new health share idea out, it has been a tru blessing!

  • ByCreated Marissa Merchant (2021-05-17 15:33:47)

    I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you all for honoring the single IUA for my pregnancy. It means a great deal to my family and I. I cannot express enough the positive impact it will have on us emotionally and financially. It has been a hard year, as it has been for many, and this will help greatly.

  • ByCreated Steven Lommer (2021-04-14 17:24:30)

    After researching Health sharing options a couple of years prior, I was glad to finally find a company that offers great coverage at an affordable cost! When I lost my job at age 62 and needed coverage, I found that ZION Health offered the best coverage at the best cost and my doctor was in their provider list as well. Beyond that, the customer service was actually beyond my expectations. Fortunately for me, I got a new job but unfortunately my new job doesn’t allow me to use Health Sharing for medical coverage and as such I am forced to go back to the old medical insurance system. Perhaps that will change in future and if it does I will go back to ZION Health for my coverage.
    Thank you ZION Heath for being there!

  • ByCreated Sam McCallister (2021-04-12 20:08:45)

    Zion paid all my doctor bills quickly and with ease! I have been a member for a few years now and each time I connect it has been a good experience. I would would recommend Zion over any other sharing ministry.

  • ByCreated Jose Martinez (2021-04-08 22:05:24)

    My medical bills was paid fast. No hassle from Zion or the doctors office.

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