HSG Bulletin: Altrua’s New Customizable Membership

Altrua HealthShare is trying something new: MyShare. The MyShare program will offer members the opportunity to “select their member responsibility amount (MRA), Lifetime Limit Amount, number of office visits per year they would like included, if they want Maternity Sharing, what level of Cancer Sharing they want, and Healthy Living features.”

Currently, Altrua offers four gem membership levels. This new MyShare membership promises to allow members to pick and choose from the features of those other programs to build a membership tailored to their specific wants and needs. This membership option also comes with Altrua’s 30-day money-back guarantee. That means, if a member doesn’t feel it’s a right fit after a month, they can get a full refund.

Information on how to sign up for this option is not readily available on Altrua’s website, but the prospect of a customizable HealthShare membership is worth keeping an eye on. For those interested in learning more, Altrua has made the Member Guidelines for MyShare available on their website here.

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