HSG Bulletin: Samaritan Ministries Healthcare Stewardship

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Last December, Samaritan Ministries started a new monthly series on their blog called “Health Care Stewardship” to provide their members with tips and educational resources to help them handle the healthcare system.

The blogs in the series cover topics from the small decisions HealthShare members can make to save money for themselves and their community, to how Samaritan members can best take advantage of, and earn incentives for using, the price comparison features of Healthcare Bluebook™ through their Samaritan Dashboard App. A new monthly blog is released for the series around the 20th of every month.

These resources could be helpful for new members starting out or members wanting to get the most from their monthly contributions. According to their latest impact report, Samaritan Ministries has over 280,000 individual members and shares an average of over $30 million in members’ medical expenses each month.

The Samaritan Ministries review page has more information about their organization and guidelines, and summarizes some of the pros and cons of a Samaritan membership. To learn more about why Samaritan Ministries was one of HealthShare Guide’s top HealthShares of the year, check out the 2023 Ultimate HealthShare Guide.

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