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The New HSG Bulletin

The more popular HealthShares become, the more developments there are to keep up with. At HealthShare Guide (HSG) it is our mission to help members stay informed, not only about the best options available, but also about what is happening in the HealthShare industry.

Going forward, HealthShare Guide will be providing regular updates on HealthShare current events. This HSG Bulletin will cover topics relating to the broad HealthShare industry as well as individual companies.

With this additional information, it is our hope that prospective members will be able to gain a well-rounded understanding of what to expect from a HealthShare membership.

Transparency in Coverage (TIC)

Federal Transparency in Coverage (TIC) rules started to be enforced in July of this year, with even more requirements coming over the next two years. The TIC rules force health plan issuers (e.g. individual and group health insurance plans) to make price information readily available to the public. This information can then be used by researchers and app developers to make products that will help consumers better understand what they pay for.

The TIC rules were developed with the goal of empowering healthcare consumers to compare prices, shop for services, and be empowered to manage their healthcare costs.

HealthShares and Transparency in Coverage

HealthShares are not subject to the TIC rules, but they are not immune to the influence that this legislation is having on the healthcare industry. Additionally, new legislation in Colorado is demanding better price transparency from health care sharing ministries (HCSM).

This is good news for current and prospective HealthShare members who want to make informed decisions about their HealthShare membership plan.

Support for better price transparency from the HCSM industry

Multiple HealthShares, or HCSMs, have come out in support of the developing regulations. For example, Solidarity HealthShare released a statement in support of the legislation: “Solidarity HealthShare strongly supports new legislation in Colorado and recent policy additions in Washington State that call for operational and pricing transparency from health care sharing ministries (HCSMs)…We believe enhanced transparency for all health sharing ministries builds even greater trust with our own Members, prospective members, and the public in general.”

Christian Healthcare Ministries has long supported more transparent pricing in the healthcare industry. This makes sense since transparency in pricing is important to the purpose of most HealthShares—helping their individual members and the community save money on their healthcare expenses. CHM reports to the BBB and has an A+ accreditation.

Another large HealthShare ministry, Liberty HealthShare recently received a GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency by Candid, a company that houses the most information on millions of non-profit organizations. Candid’s stated goal is to hold nonprofits accountable for the trillions of dollars they collect and spend by “finding out where that money comes from, where it goes, and why it matters.” It’s no wonder Liberty HealthShare promptly announced this award, and proudly displays the seal on their home page. For comparison, CHM currently has a GuideStarBronze-level transparency seal.

Better protection for HealthShare members

It is no secret that some HealthShare companies are not on board. In fact, some HealthShares are currently under intense legal scrutiny as a result of less-than-honorable business practices. For example, Aliera, and its associated companies have had several states, including California, Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas, and Washington, take legal action against them.

However, many reputable HealthShares are working to adapt to the current healthcare environment and make sure their members feel confident that they are being treated fairly.

On behalf of HealthShare members we are excited to see these developments and we are happy to see many HealthShares taking interest in the movement.



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