HSG Bulletin: Zion HealthShare Reaches 40,000 Members

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According to a newsletter released late last year, Zion HealthShare has crossed the 40,000 member mark. This is quite an accomplishment since the company was established just four years ago (est. 2019). To put Zion HealthShare’s growth in perspective, one of their top competitors, Sedera, is about 5 years older (est. 2014), and they claim around 30,000 members.

It’s no wonder Zion HealthShare likes to advertise that they are the fastest growing HealthShare available today.

The secret to Zion HealthShare’s success seems to be a combination of affordability and accessibility. Their prices and IUA structure make their programs manageable, and their secular foundation means that membership with Zion HealthShare is open to all. With one only one similar competitor—Zion HealthShare has been taking advantage of a hole in the HealthShare industry.

As much as Zion HealthShare may be benefiting from limited secular industry options, they back up their offering with careful attention to their members, as demonstrated by member reviews. They maintain a Google Review score between about 4.5-4.8 and they are typically ranked very highly on other review sites like Healthsharingreviews.com.

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