HSG Bulletin: Zion HealthShare Shares Mammograms at Age 40

a pair of hands holding a pink ribbon, signifying breast cancer, for which mammograms are now shareable at Zion HealthShare

While HealthShares were designed to help with big, unexpected healthcare expenses, since many people want usable health insurance alternatives, HealthShare companies now offer some type of routine or wellness sharing.

Sharing a preventive mammogram

While sharing for preventive care may be limited, there are some services that have become almost standard for HealthShare companies to share in. When it comes to health screenings, Mammograms are the most commonly shared service: seven companies reviewed on this site consider a preventive mammogram to be a shareable expense.

Of course, there are different approaches to how a mammogram may be shared. Some have a waiting period, and others will only allow a mammogram to be shared on a certain membership type.

Mammogram age limit and Zion HealthShare

Beginning at age 50, most HealthShares will share in expenses related to mammograms. Altrua offers members aged 40 and older the option of using one of their office visits for a preventive mammogram, and United Refuah allows members aged 40-49 to have one mammogram before they turn 50.

Zion HealthShare has taken preventive care sharing a step further by sharing mammograms at age 40 and allowing the mammogram exam, imaging evaluation, and one follow-up appointment to be shared within the $600 sharing cap. What’s more, this is shareable yearly. Most programs will share, at most, every other year (and that’s usually after age 50).

Kudos, Zion HealthShare, these are the kind of member-focused developments that we love to see.

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