The Top HealthShares in 2021

Every HealthShare is different and will suit the needs of different members. However, with so many new organizations popping up every day, it can be difficult to determine which HealthShare is the best fit for you. At HealthShare Guide, we’ve determined our top HealthShares of 2021 to help you begin your search in the right place.

Zion Health

Google Reviews rates Zion Health as the number one HealthShare in the United States. It has the most flexible membership requirements of any HealthShares we have reviewed. While the company does acknowledge a Higher Power, they do not require members to have any religious affiliation, only a commitment to living a healthy life.

Unlike most religious HealthShares, Zion Health shares in maternity bills for unwed mothers and costs related to substance abuse treatment. Zion Health also provides sharing options for routine care, mental health services, and some prescriptions. Additionally, they use one of the largest provider networks in the United States.

The membership structure is straightforward with many available options. Zion Health processes member needs quickly, and roughly 90% of membership dues go toward bill sharing,

OneShare Health

OneShare Health is one of the most welcoming religious HealthShares. Members must agree to love God and their neighbors and show that love by caring for others. There are no particular denomination requirements for membership. In fact, their guidelines state that all people must be able to worship freely.

In addition to the usual services provided by sharing ministries, OneShare keeps a chaplain on staff who takes member prayer requests. They also offer regular devotional material on the website and a mental health hotline that provides crisis aid and counseling sessions. The ministry also has short wait times for processing member needs and grants members access to telehealth services 24/7.

Most member complaints relate to difficulty finding providers in the preferred network or the cost of membership. OneShare is a bit more expensive than most HealthShares but also seems to offer more value for the membership. In general, members feel that employees are helpful and kind and appreciate the extra benefits the HealthShare offers.

Samaritan Ministries

Samaritan Ministries is an older HealthShare that has served Christians for 25 years. Samaritan’s membership requirements are strict in comparison with the other ministries on this list. For example, some denominations are not welcome, and members must provide evidence that they are following the membership guidelines. However, its long history and focus on member involvement earns it a place here.

Samaritan encourages member involvement in the HealthShare community, such as voting for key policies and exchanging letters and prayer requests. Also, Samaritan allows members to see which member their monthly dues are helping and how much of their contribution is going to another’s need. The ministry focuses on transparency and has pledged to never spend more than 20% of membership dues on overhead costs.

Unlike OneShare and Zion Health, Samaritan does not offer sharing for preventive care, mental health, or telehealth. Samaritan also has longer wait times for processing needs. On the other hand, they are one of the few ministries to encourage medical tourism, and they do allow sharing for some physical therapy.

Samaritan is a more traditional HealthShare in the sense that it’s designed more for crisis care than as a possible alternative for health insurance. Samaritan Ministries could be a great option for someone in excellent health who wants to be involved in their healthcare community.

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